Traditional Italian Food You Can Find Outside Italy

Traditional Italian Food You Can Find Outside Italy

At Goloso, our Italian focacceria and deli in Soho, London, our team of enthusiastic bakers, chefs and baristas are excited to present the people of London with authentic and traditional Italian food as if it just arrived from Italy on a magic carpet ride. So pop into our café in the heart of the city and transport your taste buds to Italy with a bite of a flakey cannolo di sfoglia or a creamy tartufata. 

If you haven’t heard of the traditional Italian foods we just mentioned, this is the perfect blog post for you! In this article, we shall introduce you to some famous classic Italian dishes and desserts, some of which you can even try for yourself at our cafe in Soho.

Traditional Italian Food Overview

What are the first things that spring to mind when you think of Italy? Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, the history in Rome at the Collusseum or in Pompeii, the stunning gardens of the Villa d’Este Gardens, Tivoli, near Rome, the magical nature of the Trevi fountain, the hot weather, or the romantic scenes of the 150 canals in Venice. 

Of course, Italy is known for all of these aspects, but we would be surprised if the top things that our country is known for wouldn’t include the traditional foods in Italy, from fresh pasta to pizza to antipasto boards for sharing with your large Italian family. And let’s not forget the sweet treats! Like many countries on the continent of Europe, Italy is known for its pastries and dessert options. 

For Example, Focaccia 

For example, pasta is a classic Italian food that many people associate with our boot-shaped country. However, let’s not forget about all the other delicious dishes we have on offer. One food that comes to mind for us is bread, particularly the focaccia bread (more about our delicious, crunch crust focaccia later in this article!). 

Read more about the focaccia and panini sandwiches on our menu in our previous blog post, ‘Ultimate Guide to Finding a Top-Tier Italian Sandwich in London’

For Example, Pies Galore

If you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, we have several other options to tickle your fancy. For example, our morning menu includes spinach, Swiss chard and Parmesan pie or a spinach and ricotta pie for a steal at just £4.50!

This filling pie has everything you need, from nutritious veggies and healthy fats in the cheese to energising pie crusts made by hand. The pie with Swiss chard is slightly more bitter and savoury, whereas the pie with ricotta cheese is a little richer and smoother on your palette. Or if you can’t decide which delicious pie to get, grab another and enjoy one for dinner now it’s getting a little warmer outside; this pie is delicious cold with a potato salad or coleslaw in the light evenings. 

For Example, Cannoli

For example, our cannoli are some of the best in town, with a homemade pastry shell and rich ricotta filling. However, if you want our pro’s opinions, go for the pistachio, as it’s sure to ignite the joy inside of you and have you happy dancing all the way down the street once you try this delicious sweet pastry and cream combination. 

For Example, Torta Della Nonna 

Other traditional Italian dishes that may spring to mind include the variety of Italian dessert options we have on our sweet section of the menu, including the Torta Della Nonna. 

This Tuscan tart takes sweet shortcrust pastry layers and creamy, custard-like topping with pine nuts to create our signature sweet pie. Traditionally this tort uses a lemon and vanilla flavour custard for the creamy element. 

However, alongside our lemon Torta Della Nonna at Goloso, we also offer a chocolate alternative for all of the self-confessed chocoholics in London. 

For Example, Conchiglia al Cioccolato

The Conchiglia al Cioccolato from our Italian breakfast menu is an absolute godsend for those mornings when you just don’t have time to make breakfast or don’t have the energy to see your work through till lunch without something sweet in the morning. The Conchiglia al Cioccolato is our delicious sweet and crispy breakfast option made with layers upon layers of Italian pastry and a soft chocolate filling (imagine the traditional French pain au chocolat but ten times better!). 

Try Italian Traditional Food Staples at Goloso 

Like any classic Italian dish or dessert, we emphasise using fresh, high-quality ingredients imported directly from Italy. At Goloso, our choice to focus on freshness and quality over most other factors (while keeping the price affordable to the general public of London) sets our Italian food apart from the crowd. 

At Goloso, we specialise in homemade artisan focaccia with a variety of topping to suit any person’s taste. Popular choices from our Italian café include the Caprese with fresh tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and basil or the Nonna Angelina focaccia bread topped with parma ham, mozzarella, tomato and basil.

You can grab any sweet or savoury items from our food menu alongside a delicious creamy frappe or a smooth Italian coffee. We currently have four flavours of our delicious frappés on the menu, including our signature pistachio, mocha, chocolate, and, not forgetting, vanilla. 

Read more about the Italian staple foods we have on the Goloso menu on our website or pop in to try our freshly baked sandwiches and treats for the day and eat some delicious Italian food in Italy (sorry, we mean London! Because why limit yourself.). 

Buon Appetito!

Buon Appetito, otherwise said by English folk, as enjoy your meal. Try our authentic Italian food at our focacceria and deli in Soho. The team at Goloso are more than excited to entice you into a world of delicious Italian food specialities at our café. So grab a Mamma Patrizi alongside a homemade crostatina and our signature pistachio latte next time you’re in the Soho area. See you soon!