Ultimate Guide to Finding a Top-Tier Italian Sandwich in London

Ultimate Guide to Finding a Top-Tier Italian Sandwich in London

Are you looking for an Italian sandwich in London to satisfy your cravings for delicious Mediterranean food? Golóso is an independently-run family business in the heart of London, and the friendly team can’t wait to show you around their focacceria and deli. In this post, we will go over what makes an Italian sandwich and where you can find the most authentic sandwiches using Italian recipes and produce in London. 

What is an Italian Sandwich?

Of course, the word ‘sandwich’ comes from the British Earl of the same name. This 8th-century Earl of Sandwich is said to have ‘invented’ the sandwich by placing meat and other fillings between two slices of bread. Therefore, comparing Italian food to this English staple lunch is hard. 

However, Italy is known for its delicious bread-themed dishes, and it’s no surprise that Italians also have their own version of a sandwich. You can find Italian bakeries and delis in Italy and beyond its borders. They serve first-class Italian sandwiches filled with Italian meats, cheeses, grilled Mediterranean veggies, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil. 

Where to Enjoy Italian Sandwiches in London

If you are on the hunt for mouth-watering Italian style sandwiches, look no further than Golóso focacceria and deli. 

Our little independent shop offers an easy way to get an authentic Italian sandwich in Soho. You can enjoy these tasty yet simple Italian sandwiches in our venue on one of our indoor or outdoor tables by yourself, with a book or with a friend. Or you can take your lunch back to your work desk, sit and have a mini picnic in a park or enjoy your Italian sandwich in London on a stroll around outdoors and soak up some fresh air. 

The Golóso menu offers tasty focaccia bread and panini sandwiches. All focaccia bread at Golóso is made by our in-house Italian chef in the heart of London. Focaccia is a style of flatbread which we bake in a high-heat oven at around 240-250° C (475° F). We make our focaccia with Italian olive oil and herbs to add those Italian flavours which we know all Londoners adore. 

The Italian sandwich fillings at Golóso currently include:

    • The Porchetta: a focaccia bread filled with caramelised onion, porchetta and provola affumicata cheese. This sandwich combines soft cheese made with buffalo and cow’s milk with a creamy mushroom sauce and sliced pork in homemade focaccia bread.
    • The Golosa: a sliced focaccia bread stuffed with popular Italian sandwich ingredients, including Mortadella (Italian sausage with pistachios), burrata (Italian cheese made with cow’s milk similar to a stretching mozzarella cheese) and vibrant green pistachio pesto. Can you tell we love fitting pistachio nuts into as many items on our menu as possible?
    • The Mamma Patrizia: A delicious vegetarian focaccia sandwich with pepato fresco, sun-dried tomato, red onion, and black olives flavoured with oregano, a herb often associated with Mediterranian cooking. Pepato fresco is a semi-cooked sheep’s cheese combined with black pepper for a unique, fresh and aromatic taste.

Browse the full Golóso menu on our website and see our extensive list of options at our Italian sandwich shop. 

Italian Sandwich FAQ

What is a toasted Italian sandwich called?

There are a few Italian words you could use to represent a classic sandwich made with fillings inside two slices of bread. For example, some Italian sandwich names could include panini, which is grilled bread with various fillings such as luncheon meat, cheese, pesto and veggies.  

Golóso has a couple of panini options on our Italian menu, including a spianata piccante- provola affumicata, aka a smoked Italian salami made with pork meat and chillis in a flatbread and a prosciutto cotto-emmental (a classic option of cooked ham and cheese in a toasted panini).

Do Italians eat sandwiches for lunch?

Of course! So get excited to eat an Italian-style sandwich at Golóso in Soho, London. Ask our friendly team about their favourite sandwich next time you visit our venue. 

What is an authentic Italian sandwich?

In our opinion, as a first-class Italian deli in London, an authentic Italian sandwich needs to use a hand-me-down recipe from an Italian Nonna (aka, your Grandma who makes the best food!), and they need to use 100% Italian ingredients. Luckily, Golóso is run by Italians who can use their family experience in baking and preparing food to make the tastiest Italian sandwiches in London. We also import all our ingredients from the Mediterranean, so you know all Golóso lunch items are made with high-quality Italian produce.

What are popular Italian sandwiches? 

Like the Brits, many Italians love meat and cheese in their sandwiches, think salami or mortadella and provolone, mozzarella or burrata, so these are popular choices for sandwich fillings. However, at Golóso, we also like to experiment with other sandwich filling ingredients such as tomato, fresh herbs, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, black olives and (our personal favourite) pistachio pesto. 

What bread makes the best Italian sandwiches? 

Popular bread in Italian sandwiches includes ciabatta, sourdough, rye bread and focaccia. Of course, at Golóso Focacceria, we are partial to a focaccia flatbread sandwich, but ciabatta also makes a good sandwich with its chewy insides and crunchier outsides to each slice. However, as ciabatta can have irregular air pockets, we prefer the consistency of focaccia. 


Hungry for some famous Italian sandwiches by Golóso’s Italian team in Soho? Lucky our focacceria and deli is open to feeding hungry Londoners from 7 am on weekdays and 9 am on Saturdays (sorry, no focaccia sandwiches on Sundays as we are closed to spend time catching up with our team which is important to us as an independent family business!). See you at lunchtime for your Italian sandwiches.