Italian Food Delivery for Health-Conscious Foodies of London: Healthy and Nutritious Italian Meals

Italian Food Delivery for Health-Conscious Foodies of London: Healthy and Nutritious Italian Meals

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Italian cuisine with Golóso, a family-run bakery in SoHo. We offer Italian food delivery services on our full food and drinks menu including our delicate and crispy focaccia, sweet pastries, and expertly brewed coffee. So even when you can’t muster the energy to leave your home or can’t find time to pop over during a busy workday, you can still enjoy our fresh food and drink.

Our friendly team are committed to using only fresh, seasonal ingredients, which means every food option is bursting with flavour. So, whether you’re seeking a hearty lunch, a sweet treat, and a caffeine boost, Golóso has a variety of options on our Deliveroo menu. 

About Golóso

Golóso is a lovely family-run bakery and one of the best Italian shops in SoHo. We serve hundreds of true Italian food and focaccia fanatics every week and ensure the people of London get to experience some authentic Italian delights for breakfast, lunch, or snacks throughout the day. From delicate and crispy focaccia to sweet pastries and perfectly brewed coffee, our café and deli on Greek Street serve the finest Italian food in the centre of London.

Pop in to say hi to our friendly team including Salvatore, our lively owner who embodies Italian hospitality, and Mariagrazia, the culinary genius behind the scenes. Our team love to make friends with our regulars and ensure each visit is a true taste of Italy.

3 Top Reasons to Choose Our Italian Food Delivery

  1. Fresh ingredients 

We would be ashamed to use anything less than the finest, fresh ingredients in our focaccia sandwiches and other Italian products. Of course, our top chefs work hard in the kitchen to create delicious combinations that any Londoner can enjoy. However, these creations are 10x better as we only use fresh, seasonal produce, and high-quality ingredients in our dishes. Of course, we know we are competing with some of the best Italian products in London, so we don’t cut corners in any way.

  1. Wide choice of sweet and savoury options

As you may have noticed we have a mix of sweet pastries and dessert options alongside more filling savoury options. Therefore, you can get pretty much anything you may be craving at Golóso to save you time shopping around. Choose your order then wait for your driver to have your Italian food delivered from Goloso in minutes.

Plus, with our small cannoli priced at just £2 each, you can easily add one to your order to finish off your lunch with a sweet mouthful. Simply choose the cannolo size and filling – ricotta, pistachio (recommended) or chocolate – when checking out via Deliveroo.

  1. Only £7 minimum spend 

Unlike some nearby restaurants and café, we have decided to set our minimum spend on Deliveroo to just £7.

We set this minimum as we know you aren’t always looking for the whole shebang of Italian food to buy when shopping for a simple to-go lunch option. So, with a small minimum spend, you can grab yourself a sweet treat and a coffee or just one sandwich lunch option without breaking the bank. Of course, feel free to go all out or order with a friend and make a bigger order, but we love being able to include everyone in our Italian food delivery in London.

10 Top Lunch Options on the Goloso Menu 

Read the full Golóso menu here or skim over our menu cheat sheet below. Fingers crossed this list helps you decide your Italian food on line order:

  1. Croissant: grab a flaky croissant in a variety of flavours for breakfast or lunch or as a snack. Top tip: upgrade from plain to cream, chocolate, jam, or pistachio flavour (just £1 or £1.50 extra).
  2. Spinach, Swiss Chard, and Parmesan Pie: enjoy a savoury breakfast or lunch option for just £4.50 (the pie is also available in spinach and ricotta).
  3. Valtellina focaccia: the first of our fantastic focaccia sandwiches on this list is the Valtellina made with Bresaola (a sweet, aromatic cut of beef sandwich meat), Parmigiano and peppery rocket.
  4. Golosa focaccia: our highly rated Italian food order, the Golosa focaccia, is made with Mortadella (a mild, slightly smoky pork sausage meat), creamy burrata and our signature pistachio pesto.
  5. Tartufata focaccia: if you are a truffle fan you will adore this focaccia sandwich with truffle cream, grilled aubergines, creamy burrata, rocket and Parmesan.
  6. Caprese focaccia: for those of you who just can’t decide what to get for your Italian delivery, the Caprese focaccia is always a winner as it is made with true Italian staple ingredients: tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil.
  7. Chicken Milanese focaccia: for a high protein option go for the Chicken Milanese with tomato, mozzarella, and pesto.
  8. Porchetta focaccia: the final top choice for a focaccia sandwich from our Italian food website is this option with caramelised onion, sliced porchetta and cheese.
  9. Prosciutto Cotto-Emmental Panino Rustico: if you fancy a Panino, we have two options including this simple choice with lunch meat and cheese.
  10. Mixed Salad: for a healthy veggie option choose our mixed salad with rocket, tomato, red onion, black olives, and sweetcorn.

Hold a Warm Focaccia in Your Hands in Minutes 

Running our Italian food delivery in London means you are limited to indulgence and decadence when you head into Soho, but you can enjoy our delectable creations from the comfort of your own home or work environment. So, whether you’re looking for vibrant salads, lighter versions of classic dishes, vegetarian delights, or hearty meaty fillings in your focaccia sandwiches, we are here to help. Simply order Golóso on Deliveroo to enjoy a wholesome Italian meal at any time of the day.

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