Delicious focaccia taste

Call it schiacciata, Italian street food or ancient recipe but it will be always the only one and inimitable “focaccia“! This fragrant leavened just out of the oven will fill your home with its pleasant and inviting scent. Even children love to carry a piece of it wrapped in grease paper, so they can make a snack early in the morning. The older ones, on the other hand, prefer it as an integrator of energy, when in summer they are busy taking countless dives in the water together with friends. Finally, she becomes the best friend of those who sip a cold drink at the end of work when they have a nice aperitif with colleagues, loved ones or with their own half. Focaccia has always accompanied the phases of our life making it better and better thanks to its simplicity!


Authentic Italian Coffee

When you’re craving a sip of coffee to hit the sweet, the last thing you want is a bad brew. So we only serve true Italian coffee with a smooth and thick texture and that iconic slightly acidic taste. If you know anything about how Italians enjoy coffee, it’s that we love a milky cappuccino in the morning or a shot of espresso in the afternoon to see us through the day. Making us (rightfully so) coffee snobs, who know how to serve the best cup.

Our Italian coffee blend and the full coffee menu represent a valuable part of the Goloso product range. We can’t wait for you to enjoy a taste of our favourite coffee next time you are in the Soho area!


Enjoy Pistachio Breakfast Heaven

The world’s most sacred pistachio variety grows on the Italian island of Sicily. Therefore, to pay homage to these prized seeds of Sicily (and because pistachios taste wonderful), we have decided to include a number of items with pistachios or pistachio cream on our menu. For example, tuck into a flaky croissant topped with buttery pistachio cream and a handful of crunchy nuts or try a Krapfen, otherwise known as a German doughnut, flavoured with pistachio for a treat. And don’t forget you can also enjoy a pistachio filled cornucopia or a cannoli with smashed pistachios and a nutty cream filling.

Plus, we now offer a pistachio latte! Yep, you read that correctly. With a nutty coffee served hot or iced, you can double up on your pistachio breakfast of dreams. Then, add a shot of vanilla, hazelnut or caramel syrup to take this latte to the next level! Or, if you fancy a pistachio drink that is a little more filling, choose the pistachio frappe made with either dairy milk or a dairy-free alternative, such as oat, soy or almond milk.


Traditional Ingredients From Italy

Our carefully sourced, high-quality seasonal produce, including our own freshly baked focaccia bread, tomatoes and Italian olive oil, ensure our menu delivers the authentic experience our customers deserve. After all, you can’t experience the taste of Italy without first-class ingredients imported directly from the Mediterranean.

Italian Food Made By Italians Who Care

The food and drink options at Goloso are second to none in the centre of London. But we believe our friendly team behind the counter are what makes it worth your while to visit our Italian focacceria and gourmet Italian deli in Soho.

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