Calling All Genuine Italian Food Lovers and Focaccia Fanatics!

Welcome to Goloso! A small family-run Italian bakery in SoHo, offering airy and crispy focaccia and other traditional Italian food to the hungry people of London. The focaccia and other genuine Italian food served in our quaint café are among the capital’s best and most traditional Italian cuisine. Stop by our café on Greek Street to see what the fuss is about and enjoy your own bite of authentic Italian food.

Meet The Team!

Salvatore, the owner of Goloso, is a lively, extroverted character who loves making friends and chatting with his customers. He embodies an Italian gentleman who talks passionately about his food and always welcomes the people who enjoy each bite. He can usually be found in the kitchen making fresh sandwiches and filling the café with the smell of his homemade bread or milling around the shop floor serving our lovely customers. Salvatore has been working in hospitality since a very young age and has more than eight years of experience working in various roles in London.

Mariagrazia, Salvatore’s sister, is also a huge part of the business. She brings along her wealth of knowledge about cooking authentic Italian cuisine and is the brains behind the scenes at Goloso. She keeps the kitchen ticking over and is passionate about bringing real Italian food to the people of London so they can enjoy the iconic taste of Italy without taking a flight overseas.

The girls at Goloso are usually found serving up an expertly crafted Italian coffee with a smile. They are just as passionate about serving each cup of coffee to perfection as Mariagrazia and Salvatore are about cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

We can’t wait for your to try our traditional Italian focaccia sandwiches or brighten your day with a tasty Italian coffee to give you a mid-morning pick me up.

Come and say ‘hi’ soon! Or check out Goloso on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop.