Try an Italian Ciabatta Sandwich for Every Occasion

Try an Italian Ciabatta Sandwich for Every Occasion

Ok, so let’s spin things around; when would a toasted ciabatta sandwich not be a great food option? Ciabatta sandwiches are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed for a number of occasions. In this blog post, we will explore how you can incorporate ciabatta sandwiches into different events as a perfect filling and delicious lunch option. 

Plus, you can trust the Golóso team to only use top-quality Italian ingredients for our bread and fillings, making this focacceria and gourmet deli in Soho an easy choice when looking for an authentic Italian sandwich in London. 

What is a Ciabatta Sandwich?

An Italian ciabatta sandwich is made with fillings between two slices of bread, specifically thick ciabatta bread. Fillings typically used include mozzarella cheese, pesto Genovese, slices of Porchetta and grilled Mediterranean vegetables. 

Ciabatta bread is highly hydrated (try saying that 20 times over!), and this quality gives the bread the signature holes within the dough you might associate with this type of bread. As the bread is super hydrated, it will rise more than a typical bread loaf or baguette.

Another key differentiating factor of ciabatta bread is the type of flour used by bakers in the ingredients. Ciabatta bread uses a stronger flower that is often slightly sweeter than regular bread rolls. 

Of course, you may also know ciabatta bread as a delicious type of bread to use in bruschetta. Again, the ciabatta works so well for this other dish because of the thick, firm texture of the bread when toasted. You could also enjoy ciabatta cut into strips and dipped into high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. However, at Golóso, our number one way to enjoy this artisan bread is toasted as a ciabatta sandwich panini. 

5 Moments You Can Enjoy Scrumptious Ciabatta Sandwiches 

To-Go Work Lunches

When it comes to a work day, time is tight. So if you find yourself rushing out the door with little time to prepare a packed lunch or just want to prioritise your sleep on this day (we get it!), we can have your back. Our sandwiches are excellent options for on-the-go lunches, which you may pack in your bag ahead of time or enjoy fresh on your lunch break. 

We have some nutritious options to fuel your afternoon of brain-powered work, including our Chicken Milanese with fresh tomato, mozzarella, chicken Milanese, and topped with a punchy pesto Genovese. Or, if you prefer, we can use our creative skills in the kitchen to improvise something unique just for you. So feel free to come up with your own ciabatta sandwich ideas. Fancy a grilled pepper, rocket and pistachio pesto ciabatta roll, consider it done! 


You’ll easily find some benches or green spaces just a stone’s throw away from Golóso, where you can take your ciabatta rolls for a summer picnic. For example, the infamous Soho Square Gardens are just 100 meters (or a 1 minutes walk) from our Focacceria and gourmet Deli. So you can get there without your toasted sandwich even going cold – result! 

We also recommend our frappés or an iced coffee to complete your ultimate picnic set-up in Soho. 

For Kids Post-School Run or in a Lunchbox

As mentioned, ciabatta sandwiches make an excellent on-the-go or rushed lunch option for busy 9-5ers. However, they also go down a treat with kids, making them an excellent choice for busy parents to grab when they just haven’t got time to fix up a school lunch or don’t want to deal with hangry teens on the way home from a long day at school. These filling and nutritious sandwiches will be a satisfying lunch to keep any kid or teen energised throughout the day. 

Corporate Events

After the lockdown and working from home, work meetings can seem even longer than before. So get everything excited to be back in the office by ordering a corporate box of various ciabatta sandwiches for lunch from Golóso; we can promise you – it does not disappoint. And you can get a mixed box to let everyone choose their fillings on the day or pre-order depending on their dietary needs and preferences. 

Summer Party 

Imagine this; you are sitting in the garden grass on a hot summer’s day surrounded by your closest friends with a refreshing Apreol Spritz in one hand and a ciabatta sandwich in the other – what could be better? 

So don’t be the host to say ‘yes, we provide food,’ and then only bring one or two bowls of crisps or carrot sticks. Be the host that says ‘you want to have a light breakfast before you arrive because we have ALL the Italian snacks and lunch options you could ever want’.

BONUS IDEA – Late Night Wedding Food!

Following on from the summer arty idea, you could even place a bulk order for several ciabatta sandwiches to pick up for a small wedding to have as a late-night snack. After throwing out all your best dance moves, a ciabatta sandwich may be just what you need to get your energy levels back to grab another few minutes of boogieing on the dance floor. 

Plus, if you are ordering for a group, you can also get a mix of ciabatta sandwich fillings. Check ot our menu for more filling ideas, including Italian meats and cheese, as well as some options for delectable, simple vegetarian sandwiches. 

Try a Golóso Grilled Ciabatta Sandwich 

Hopefully, you’ll agree that ciabatta sandwiches are a versatile and delicious option for a range of occasions, including to-go lunches, picnics, corporate events, summer parties, or even as a late-night wedding snack. So, try Golóso’s grilled ciabatta sandwiches and indulge in the scrumptiousness they have to offer.