What is a Frappe? + Where to Find the Best Frappe in London! 

What is a Frappe? + Where to Find the Best Frappe in London! 

A frappe, or rather a frappé (pronounced frap-pay), is a deliciously sweet drink similar to a milkshake. A frappé is a cold drink that is typically made with milk, sugar, ice and various additional ingredients for flavour, such as coffee or vanilla syrup. 

In this blog post, we will help you understand what exactly a frappe is and where to find the best European-style frappe in Soho, London. 

What is a Frappe made of?

The term frappé technically refers to any cold drink. The term ‘frappé’ in French simply means ‘iced’ or ‘chilled’. However, most foodies agree a frappe is a form of cold or iced blended drink. It is also commonly associated with being a type of milkshake. 

Most people think of a frappé as a blended ice beverage that is foamy and sweet. It is always cold and may also include optional toppings such as whipped cream or flaked chocolate or nuts. 

At Goloso focacceria and café in Soho, our frappes are made using ice and milk as a base. Then, you can choose how to customise your drink by adding vanilla or chocolate powder, various flavoured syrups or fresh cream. You can even swap the milk for a milk alternative to cut back on the dairy! Our pistachio frappe is our most popular item, made from ice, milk, vanilla powder, pistachio cream and freshly crushed pistachios from Italy. 

What is inside a frappe? 

A frappe is made with ice, sugar or syrups, milk (or a dairy-free milk alternative), and other flavour enhancers such as shots of espresso. Frappés are usually made with a high-speed blender to achieve the foamy texture most commonly associated with this milkshake-like cold drink. 

Do Frappes have coffee in them?

As you may have noticed on the Goloso menu, we offer a variety of different flavour frappes. One of these is a mocha which implies there is coffee in the frappe. However, is a frappe coffee flavoured in every variety? 

Traditionally a frappé is always made using coffee. However, as not everyone enjoys the coffee flavour or may not wish to drink caffeine for other reasons, you can also get non-coffee-flavoured frappe drinks made with chocolate, vanilla, or even pistachio. At Goloso, we also offer a mocha frappe with a touch of coffee and chocolate if you just can’t decide which flavour to order!

The Invention of the Frappé

The name frappé has been used since the 1800s and usually referred to an iced coffee. The Greeks used the word frappé to describe a foamy instant coffee. However, since around the 2000s, it has more commonly been used to describe an espresso milkshake with some sort of sugar or sweetener over ice. 

What is the difference between a frappe and a milkshake? And a frappe and a frappuccino? 

As mentioned, the term frappe can refer to a number of different drinks. For example, if you have a frappe in Greece may refer to a sweet and shaken coffee with a slight microfoam. Whereas a frappe in France may be a blended drink made with coffee and ice cream. And often, the American version of a frappe is usually made by mixing coffee with milk and pouring it over ice with sugar/syrup. 

So what is a frappuccino? A frappuccino is a more American way of describing their version of a frappé. It may have originated in New England and refers to a thick milkshake made with ice cream. You may recognise the name frappuccino from the Starbucks menu as this popular coffee chain has popularised the frappe. 

Frappe on the Goloso Menu

Currently, we have four options on the Goloso menu, alongside our other hot drinks, smoothies, juices and soft drinks: 

  • Pistachio – £6.00
  • Mocha – £5.50
  • Chocolate – £5.00
  • Vanilla – £5.00

Although the pistachio flavour is a little extra, it is undoubtedly our top pick for a unique and memorable drink you can enjoy this spring and summer. Our chocolate frappe is also great for a dessert-like drink and is one of our most popular frappes with kids! 

Check out the Goloso drinks and food menu on our website to see which Italian and European treats we can serve you next time you are in the Soho area. 

Alternatively, why not come in for a trip to grab some takeaway food and drink from Goloso and enjoy your Italian treats in Soho Square Gardens? The Soho Square Gardens are just 100 yards from the Goloso doors and offer a green space for your to sit and enjoy your frappe in London. This green space offers a welcome escape from the busyness of the city, and at just 1 minute’s walk from Goloso, you can arrive at the park with your frappe still in its ice cold condition – yum!

Customise your frappes

At Goloso, we also know how our customers like to make their drinks their own, so we offer a number of customisation options which you can order with your frappe so you can get the perfect drink for you: 

  • Oat, soya, almond or coconut milk alternative – £0.40
  • Whipped cream – £0.50
  • Extra espresso shot – £0.40
  • Caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, or hazelnut syrup – £0.50


So hopefully you can now answer the question ‘what is a frappe drink?’ and you know where to come to try a professionally made Italian frappe in Soho, London. Our team of family bakers, barristers and Itlaian food and drink enthusiasts can’t wait to see you at Goloso soon. 

If you still have any questions about order a frappe when you visit our cafe and focacceria, please don’t hesitate to ask us in person or shoot us a message over on the Goloso Instagram

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