Everything You Need to Know About Real Espresso Coffee

Everything You Need to Know About Real Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is the foundation for every coffee we serve at Goloso Focacceria and Deli in Soho, London. So whether you’re a cappuccino connoisseur, a mocha enthusiast, a latte lover, a flat white fanatic or just here for a quick caffeine fix, we are here to explain the difference between each coffee made from espresso shots, the difference between coffee shop coffee and instant coffee, and why we believe that Goloso, our independent coffee bar in London, offers a special experience for all coffee aficionados.

Types of Coffee 

Keen Goloso blog readers may know the difference between the types of coffee we serve at our Focacceria and Deli in London. However, if you don’t have time to freshen up on the various types of coffee that can be made using espresso coffee, here is a quick round-up:

  • Cappuccino: strong coffee-to-milk ratio with a thick layer of microfoam on top.
  • Mocha: coffee and chocolate with milk. 
  • Latte: lower coffee-to-milk ratio with warm steamed milk and minimal microfoam.
  • Cortado: all the way from Spain, this coffee is a short cup with espresso, hot water and, if desired, a spoons-worth of steamed milk to finish. 
  • Flat White: strong coffee, similar to a cappuccino, but with steamed milk and minimal foam. 
  • Macchiato: an espresso shot or two topped with a dash of milk. 
  • Americano: espresso shot with hot water, either served black or with hot or cold milk to finish. 
  • Iced Coffee: any of the above coffees poured over iced. 
  • Caffe Freddo: cold espresso coffee served with ice and varying amounts of cold milk foam, depending on your preferences. 

What is Espresso Coffee? 

Of course, the only other type of coffee we have yet to mention is the humble espresso, which is the basis for all coffee-based drinks on our menu. An espresso is a concentrated coffee liquid made after running hot water over ground coffee beans. An espresso is often called a shot, as the serving is short and strong. 

To make an espresso shot, we first select the beans from the best espresso coffee brand we know before using a coffee grinder to finely grind the beans into a fragrant powder. Then we compress a set volume of these coffee grounds into our espresso portafilter (the handle part of the coffee machine). Next, we use a coffee temper to press the loose coffee into a solid puck-shape before adding the portafilter into the coffee machine. The machine will then pass boiling water through the puck of coffee over 5-15 seconds. You will then see the espresso shot emerging, transforming from the best espresso coffee beans into an espresso shot! 

Type of Espresso Coffee Brands Beans

The type of beans and the technique used to make the espresso shot and the milk will change the flavour of the coffee. For example, the Lavazza espresso beans are rich and smooth with notes from flowers. Compared to the Lavazza espresso coffee, Grind coffee beans are more fruity and complex than the Lavazza espresso coffee. Therefore, depending on your taste preferences, you may gravitate to certain coffee brands (similar to choosing a wine!). 

What Makes Coffee Shop Coffee Better Than Instant Coffee? 

In our opinion, instant espresso coffee is a suitable substitute if you can’t get to a quality coffee shop. However, the coffee usually tastes a little bitter and tart. It doesn’t pack quite the same punch of caffeine as the coffee made at Goloso using the best Italian espresso beans. 

What Makes Coffee Shop Coffee Better Than Coffee Machine Coffee?

We use only the best ground coffee for espresso machine at Goloso. Therefore, we have the foundations of every coffee at a first-class standard before we even begin serving the shot or heating the milk. Therefore, the best espresso beans for lattes are the same as for cappuccinos, flat whites, etc. Therefore, as mentioned above, espresso coffee is the foundation of all the coffees. 

Of course, you can make espresso coffee at home. However, just be sure to get a high-end machine that won’t butcher your coffee, and clean your device after use by clean running the water and descaling the machine regularly. 

Goloso Coffee Vs Chain Coffee Shops 

You may be wondering what separates Goloso from some of the chain restaurants and cafés serving coffee in the UK and Ireland. For example, big chains like Ground espresso bar, Costa or Starbucks are obviously on most corners of the cities in the UK and Ireland. However, we believe there is something special about retrieving your coffee from an independent coffee bar. At Goloso, our close-knit team are passionate about making every cup of coffee. 

Therefore, although the Ground Espresso coffee shop can probably serve a semi-decent cup of coffee, nothing quite compared to the personable experience you will undoubtedly receive from our friendly team at Goloso. Plus, we also love connecting with others to share our knowledge about Italian food and drinks with you, so feel free to ask us anything about our menu next time you pop by! 

Try Our Brew-tiful Coffee at Goloso

Try a delicious coffee made with freshly ground espresso beans at Goloso in Soho. And while you’re here, why not pair up your coffee with a homemade Italian sandwich or flakey Italian pastry? Of course, as a focacceria, we suggest your go for one of our focaccia options if it’s your first time dining or drinking with us at Goloso! We have ten different focaccia items, from veggie options with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, rocket and cheese, to a meat-lovers dream with delicious Italian parma ham. So pop to our cafe in Soho to try the coffee and food for yourself – see you soon! 

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